About Michael Weintrob

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Two decades of navigating the music business and transforming the storytelling of image, photographer Michael Weintrob’s work spans all aspects of industry.

Created in the field where he has shot over 5,000 artists in-concert or his Brooklyn studio, Weintrob’s work covers everything from advertising to editorial needs, showcasing the live element of performance and conceptual campaigns of portraiture like his Instrumenthead series which is now over 400 artists strong.

Advertising clients like Jakprints, Jam Cruise and the World Games rely on Weintrob to deliver the essence of their story as do editorial clients Downbeat, Relix, Spin, Rolling Stone, Billboard and The New York Times.

Weintrob has acted as house photographer for Red Rocks Amphitheater, The Festival Network, the CareFusion Jazz Festival Series, and Bluegrass Underground, and has been the house pick for OZ Nashville’s Brave New Art celebrating its inaugural season.

Major exhibitions of work have been hosted in Spain by the US Consulate, in New Orleans during the Jazz and Heritage Festival, and in Charleston for the Spoleto Art Festival as well as within the Newport Jazz Festival.  These exhibitions have financially benefitted multiple charities over the years including the New Orleans Musicians’ Assistance Foundation, the Tipitina’s Foundation, the Music Maker Foundation and the Newport Festivals Foundation with plans to continue giving as long as there are stories to tell.


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“Michael Weintrob did am amazing job when working for the IWGA at The World Games 2013 in Cali/Colombia. As our official photographer he created the campaign “I am The World Games” which put our athletes not only on focus. Michael’s photos showcased them as real superstars. Which they are in their sport!”

– Hernann  Kewitz, IWGA, International World Games Association


“I have hired Michael for performance and event photography. Not only is he a wonderfully positive person to work with, but his ideas and perspectives are always exciting and present opportunity. And, of course, his work is gorgeous!”

– Brandy Wood, Marketing MANAGER WBGO Jazz 88.3 FM


“It was such a wonderful pleasure to work with Michael Weintrob Photography. His work transcends the run-of-the-mill music photography and transforms it into a visceral experience.”

– Erica Dudas, The New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation


“Michael has one of the best eyes in the business. We use him to show the faces of folks enjoying BRANDS in our event work. Always helpful with recommendations, he is punctual, tireless, creative beyond belief and delivers the knockout work one would expect from a world class professional.”

– Thomas Hutchinson, Imagicorps


“Working with Michael has been great. A positive attitude and great work ethic takes you everywhere you need to go in life but when you add passion and vision to the equation, the sum is always greater than it’s parts. Michael is 1 plus 1 equalling 3. Love having him on the team for Bluegrass Underground and the other projects we have worked together on.”

– Todd Mayo, The Bluegrass Underground

“There are a lot of great photographers who can capture “the moment”, that moment when magic happens on-stage….the moment that slips by in reality all too quickly.  Michael Weintrob is one of those photographers but he is also more.  He brings a new approach and new ideas to how to capture musicians in a way where their soul shines through, often in a way that doesn’t come through during the best jam session on-stage.  It’s Michael’s ability to capture their inner spirit off-stage that separates him from others, and makes him one of the best music photographers of his generation.”

– Peter Shapiro- Concert Promoter