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Muslims Are Not Terrorists
MUSULMAN ET JE SUIS PAS CHARLI Greetings world......... we are Black Worm. This message is in response of the Charlie Pedo. For too long now, you have been humiliating our prophet Mohammad, by drawing and publishing shameful and vulgar pictures that are very disrespectful to all Muslims around the world. You did this without any consideration to our feelings or thought on how the world's Muslim population felt about it. Your desire for fame and laughs were at the expense of many hurtful Muslims from around the world. However, in saying that, we are not going to condone the recent terror attacks you recently were subjected to, but your freedom of speech was only a matter of time before someone was going to display their freedom of actions against you. Your lack of regards towards our prophet Mohammad and the worlds Muslim population had not prevented you from continuing to make fun of our faith and prophet, it is no surprise this tragedy has befallen you. Your crude and repulsive cartoons were not freedom of speech, especially when most of these were drawings that would be correctly defined as attacking someone religion and prophet rather than opinions or thoughts in writing or speech. How long can you poke a lion before he has had enough and fights back in defence or simply retaliating. One would be fair to say, you had brought this upon yourselves, especially with the warnings you received but chose to ignore. I'm not charlie pedo im a Muslim and i wont allow any one attacking my prophet Mohammad. A Message to the Your government... You are full of shit, nothing but hypocrites. The whole world know your crimes . Just remember this... " !
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