Heritage Blues Orchestra nominated for Best Blues Album Grammy of 2012

Really honored my photos were used for the new Heritage Blues Orchestra album. It has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Blues Album of 2012.  Back in April of 2012, I was lucky enough to be there behind the scenes shooting their rehearsal and in in the studio shooting portraits for the album package.

Chaney Sims and Bill Sims. JR

Bill Sims. JR, Chaney Sims,Bruno Wilhelm, Jr Mack

Bill Sims. JR

Chaney Sims

Jr Mack

Bruno Wilhelm

Larry Skoller and Matt Skoller

Vincent Bucher’s Harmonicas

Kenny Smith “Beedy Eyes” Smith and Bruno Wilhelm

Jr. Mack and Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith

The albums producer, Larry Skoller and The Heritage Blues Orchestra

Bill Sims. JR and Jr Mack

Bruno Wilhelm

Vincent Bucher

Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith

Jr Mack, Bruno Wilhelm and Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith

The Heritage Blues Orchestra