Michael Weintrob’s InstrumentHead series of photographs captures an eclectic array of unique musicians and characters including Bootsy Collins and King Sunny Ade, Big Chief Boudreaux and Uncle Lionel Batiste. “Whether an individual is famous or an almost complete unknown, whether they play saxophone or sitar, the one thing they have in common is that music is central to everything they do.”  Weintrob explains, “I decided to place their instruments in front of their faces to blur the boundaries between each individual and the tools of their trade.  I was asked to create a tagline for InstrumentHead and I immediately came up with  ‘Where their head’s really at.’ For a moment, I considered changing it because it felt a little contrived.  However, I thought more about these intriguing, larger-than-life creatives for whom music is seemingly just as important as air and realized  ‘Where their head’s really at’ truly summed up the project.”

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