Jamcruise 10 highlights

I just completed shooting Jamcruise 10.  The event took place January 9-14 on the MSC Poesia.   We stopped in Haiti and Jamaica along the way.  I have been on all 10 Jamcruises.  It was a great experience again.  I hope that you enjoy the images

He forgot something in his cabin

Nathan Moore plays at the Solar Stage.

It was a nice day in Haiti

Hundreds of pairs of shoes were delivered to Haiti through Positive Legacy

Sail Away party with Ozomatli on the pool deck

Bill Kreutzman from the Grateful Dead performs with his new project the Seven Walkers

I was honored to get to spend time with Earl “Chinna” Smith in Jamaica.  He is a legend on the guitar in the Reggae world

Trombone Shorty performs on the pool deck stage

Kirk Joseph rehearsing with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Ryan Montbleau and Brad Barr

Anders  Osbourne sitting in with the New Master Sounds

On Jamcruise a plexi glass dance floor is placed over the pool

Big Sam warming up before he gets on stage

Bob Moog Sound School was brought to Jamaica to educate the kids

The lights of the pool deck stage

Jamcruise 10 artist portrait