This is Jamcruise (12)

Twelve.  I’ve hauled my gear on twelve treks from winterly lands to “All Aboard”  a floating paradise of excessive creativity and musical freedom.  Finding inspiration is hardly a challenge on the MSC Divina where passengers are encouraged to become walking (and/or dancing) embodiments of fun.  I’ve made my career photographing artists, but Jamcruise is a perfect forum to turn my lens to my fellow onlookers and highlight some of the great personalities having a ball at sea.  For those unable to make it out, here’s a little taste of our costumed sail to paradise.

jamcruise-artists-group-mwpAnnual Artist Group Shot

Bootsy Collins on Jamcruise 12Bootsy Collins Lights Up the Night

jamcruise-upper-deck-sunsetSun Setting on a Picture-Perfect Day

jamcruise-butterflies-mwpWhat Winter?

chris-littlefield-kdtu-jamcruise-mwpChris Littlefield with Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe

jamcruise-lobster-king-mwpThe Lobster King

jamcruise-daft-punks-slot-machine-mwpGet Lucky? 

This is just a taste of my 12th Jamcruise, check out the rest of my portraits here.  Did I capture you?  Be sure to tag yourself and keep in touch!