Photoshoot for the new Big Daddy Kane, Showtyme and the Lifted Crew album

Last month I was hired to shoot the album cover and promotional images for Big Daddy Kane’s upcoming release “The Las Supper.”  The amazing band the Lifted Crew, and singer Showtyme collaborated with Kane on this project.  The shoot was a cold day in Brooklyn.  I had the task of finding a location that would fit a 55 cherry red chevy convertible.  I know an artist in Red Hook that let us use his studio to shoot it.  It was a great shoot.  Below you will see a poster for the upcoming CD release show at the Blue Note in NYC on March 11 as well as some of my favorite images from the shoot.

The invite for the upcoming CD Release show at the Blue Note, NYC

Big Daddy Kane


Mega from the Lifted Crew

Miami Geis from the Lifted Crew

White from the Lifted Crew

Nicky Cake and E. Flux from the Lifted Crew

Big Daddy Kane, Showtyme and the Lifted Crew