Two days of shooting in Atlanta

Last month I got the opportunity to set up a photo studio at Flournoy Holmes place in Atlanta.  Many great musicians who live in Atlanta came down to participate in my instrumenhead project.  The Count Mbutu, Yon Rico Scott, Col. Bruce Hampton, Ted Pechio, The Flying Mystics, AJ Gent, Terreon Gully, Dave Yoke, Jason “Lefty” Williams and Russel Gunn all came down to have their portrait taken.  The session turned into a music jam.  It was really great to create some art with all of these folks.  I hope that you enjoy the images.

Flournoy Homes is one of the greatest album cover designers in music history.  Here he is posing with the Allman Bros. “Eat a Peach” album which he created all of the artwork for.  Thanks Flournoy for letting me shoot in your space!

Col Bruce Hampton came down.  A lot of the images from our shoot are going to be featured in the new documentary “Basically Frightened” The Musical Madness of Col. Bruce Hampton.

The Count Mbutu came down with many drums.  He is best known for his work with Col Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit and in the Derek Trucks Band.  He is one of the premier percussionist living in the Atlanta area.

The Count Mbutu and Yon Rico Scott with their Blues Award and their Grammy Award they received for their work with Derek Trucks.  Yon Rico told the story about being the only guy in the band that attended the Grammys the year they won.  It was fitting that I got to shoot him with it.

Yon Rico Scott with one of his many bass drums that he has painted

Flournoy Holmes with his band The Flying Mystics.  Flournoy is not only a great artist but he also plays many different types of flutes.  Check out their website to hear some of the music

Aj Ghent Jr., the son of the great sacrdd steel player Aubrey Ghent.  AJ is carrying on with his fathers legacy.  Click here to see AJ performing with the Lee Boys


The two images are of Jason “Lefty” Williams.  When I travel to different cities to shoot.  I always end up meeting musicians who are really amazing.  I saw Lefty perform in Atlanta and asked him to come down and participate in the project.  It was truly inspiring to see the way he is able to play his instrument without the use of his right hand.

Dave Yoke stopped by.  I have known Dave for years.  He used to play in a band called Second Hand Jive that I used to see in Birmingham.  Dave plays in The Susan Tedeschi Band and Scrapomatic these days.

I had the great opportunity of shooting Russel Gunn as he played his trumpet

Terreon Gully is on the top drummers in the jazz scene.  He tours with Diane Reeves

Ted Pechio explained that he had to play his instrumenthead behind his head while playing with Col. Bruce Hampton and the Codetalkers.  That is the first time I have ever seen someone hole a double bass over their head

Thanks for everyone who came out in Atlanta!