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The INSTRUMENTHEAD collection is a surrealist look into the soul of a musician, not through their eyes as with traditional portraiture, but through his/her instrument. It began in April 2000, through a candid moment in a photoshoot with the Derek Trucks Band, which sparked an unprecedented art project, bringing together more than 500 musicians from across the globe over the course of nearly two decades.

Now available as a superior quality fine art book, published in 2017 by Magnet Bound Press, INSTRUMENTHEAD is the culmination of this visionary project. The hardcover book was printed in Italy on three different types of fine art paper by Grafiche Antiga. Measuring 11” x 15”, the full color book shows musicians as you’ve never seen them before, with three different cover options, featuring 369 artist portraits.

InstrumentHead: By the numbers

17 years in the making of this collection
369 artist portraits in book
In 2017 INSTRUMENTHEAD won the Independent Book Publisher’s Award for Most Outstanding book design.
3 different kinds of paper in each book
3 different covers available
11” x 15” dimensions
100% originality